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Mon 22 December 2014

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After I wrote my piece about Civilization: Beyond Earth for The GIA, there was something nagging at me that I had forgotten to write about or clearly articulate. It took me listening to the excellent Three Moves Ahead episode on Beyond Earth and a discussion with my friend Alexis for me to really nail down precisely what it was that was bothering me so much about the game that I could distill into a single word: Ownership. Games in the Civilization series tend to be very centered around “owning” your civ as part of the emergent story that you write, but Beyond Earth — because of its aggressively sterile theming — makes it very hard for you to claim ownership of any of the content that arises over the course of an indivudal game. I decided to dig a little deeper into what I remember about the game to isolate the individual elements that contribute to this problem — and how they might be fixed by an enterprising community modder or an expansion which drastically restructures parts of the base game.


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